Friday, April 27, 2007 is my new friend. We are an almost dead breed of exciting musicians. It is such an uplifting, thrilling experience to get to know someone like Herb. He is much more eloquent than I will ever be, so if you want to know how I see life, how I feel the world around me, and how I touch all those around me (and sometimes with great impact) read his blog. I wish I could make the words click so you could just go over there, but just type them in the address area on your web-browser and I think it will work. I hope it does. I don't want anybody to miss out on what we are doing over there. I really feel like I'm finally making a difference.

Very Excited!

I'm just getting started with all this blogg stuff! But I'm looking forward to posting my stamp collection photo's as well as talking about things that just never get talked about around here. I found a fellow Master of the Choristers on this blogger thing, and I'm glad to make new friends.

Dr. Schmedley